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You may qualify to get a brand new roof paid for by your insurance company and you don't even know it! The Hungry Roofer  will come right out to your home and do a free roof inspection to determine if or if not you qualify! You may have roof leaks you don't know about! I can help make sure you get the best top quality roof paid for by your insurance company at no cost out of pocket! The Hungry Roofer specializes in professional roof sales and roof claims help, call now to get a free roof inspection!

"Don't Fight your Roof! Hungry Roofer got your back!" 

Florida's Roofing Expert:

The Hungry Roofer will take a full assessment of your roof and provide you advice, pricing and pictures. From there I can give you an assessment of whether your in need of a repair or if you need an entire roof replacement.  The Hungry Roofer can also assist you in the insurance claim process. I can work with your insurance company if you have roof damage from a storm. After a storm call Hungry Roofer and I'll make sure you don't get scammed! 

Liquid Applied Roofing Systems:

When hiring a roofing company you need to find a roofing contractor in the industry you can trust. I have been working with many Florida roofing companies for decades.  I can help you determine if you need a new roof or if a roof coating is an option. Quality roof coating systems can be installed on many kinds of old roofs. Roof coatings can help you save money on tear off cost plus white reflective coatings will cut 30% off your cooling cost!

Hungry Roofer!